Thank you for visiting my website and learning more about what I have done and plan to do. I sincerely hope that you have found something that will inspire and motivate you on this website. Please feel free to reach out to me if there is an event you want me to participate in via the Contact tab.


This section of the website is going to be a little different. When I speak or get interviewed, I am asked a lot of questions.


“Who most inspires you?” (My parents)


“What made you want to accomplish so much at such a young age?” (The grace of God, my belief that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and my ABC’s of success “Be Audacious enough to dream, Bold enough to try, and Courageous enough to try again.”)


“Do you ever sleep?” (I try never to miss sleep, and can sleep almost anywhere through almost anything if need be)


And so on and so forth. However, one question that I get asked most frequently is a bit harder to convincingly answer in words. And that question is something along the lines of, “do you have a life outside of your work?” (Yes I do!)


Despite my answer, I am sure that you may be skeptical. Thus, in this section, I more convincingly answer this frequently asked question by giving you a glimpse into my personal life. I share some of my travels and experiences, some of which are personal and some are for speaking engagements & work. Regardless of where I go or why I am there, I manage to find time for good food, good friends, and great fun.


I know this is atypical for a website like this one, but I think that it is important. I have found that people sincerely believe that working hard to succeed means never having fun, being unable to have friends, and living a life of deprivation. While I am a firm believer in delayed gratifications and getting “greater later,” I fully expect to enjoy my journey through life, and you should expect the same. So if the rest of my website inspires you to set aggressive goals and plan to succeed in life, I hope that this section of my website will inspire you to enjoy the fruits of that labor.


Thank you again for your time.





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Introduction: Driven to Achieve (excerpt)

(Young And Driven Available online May 5th, 2017)

A 3rd-grade kid does a book report on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and is filled with excitement because he found out something he had never heard before. This elementary age kid finds out that Dr. King got his Ph.D. when he was 26 years old.  He is so excited that he tells you that he is going to get a doctorate degree just like Dr. King....

Below you will find the Abstract, Dedication, and Acknowledgment sections of my dissertation. If you want to read the entire dissertation you can find it online (Wickliff-Dissertation-2016).


Corporations and other organizations have dedicated considerable funds to developing and maintaining complex systems to ensure their regulatory and contractual compliance. This is especially true in highly regulated technical indus...

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